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      GEA Barr-Rosin氣流干燥機

      GEA Barr-Rosin氣流干燥機是一種氣動系統,主要用于干燥產品,需要去除游離水分的。干燥發生在幾秒鐘的事。濕材料被分散到一個流的熱空氣(或氣體),把它傳送通過一個干燥管。




      許多在世界上^大的氣流干燥機- 一些在單個系統中的水分蒸發量每小時超過20噸。進氣口溫度范圍從200 - 1400°F(100℃ - 650℃),而氣流可以超過12萬立方英尺(200000立方米)。



      GEA Barr-Rosin研究與發展中心配備了中試規模的氣流干燥機進行試驗。

      The GEA Barr-Rosin Flash Dryer is a pneumatic system primarily used to dry products requiring the removal of free moisture. Drying takes place in a matter of seconds. Wet material is dispersed into a stream of heated air (or gas) which conveys it through a drying duct.

      Using the heat from the airstream, the material dries as it is conveyed. Product is separated using cyclones, and/or bag filters. Typically, cyclones are followed by scrubbers or bag filters for final cleaning of the exhaust gases to meet current emission requirements.

      Elevated drying temperatures can be used with many products since the flashing off of surface moisture instantly cools the drying gas without appreciably increasing the product temperature.

      For even greater thermal efficiency and where inertisation is required, recycling of exhaust gases can be used. This can be implemented on all our airstream drying systems and retrofitted on customer's existing drying operations.

      Many of the largest dryers in the world are flash dryers - some exceeding 20 tons of water evaporation per hour in a single system. Inlet air temperature ranges from 200- 1400°F (100oC -650oC) while airflows can exceed 120,000 cfm (200,000 m3/hr).

      Flash dryers have been used to dry products in many industries including food, chemical, mineral and polymer. A broad range of feed materials including powders, cakes, granules, flakes, pastes, gels, and slurries can be processed. For slurries, pastes, or sticky materials, backmixing of the wet feed with a portion of dry product to produce a suitable conditioned material is required.

      This technology can also be used for cooling applications.

      The GEA Barr-Rosin Research and Development Center is equipped with a pilot scale flash dryer for conducting trials.


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